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Therapy and Spiritual Studies

Guelph, Ontario, Canada




This year, Give Yourself the Gift that keeps on Giving.
We are now offering our Special New Year’s Platinum Readings which will focus on Your Life in the coming Year, 2023 -
Your Mystical Road Map for 2023 and Beyond!


Damar Institute was founded in 1984, and our clientele has included great diversity and we have counselled Souls of every culture, background and religion. We offer, through our work, an invitation to gain Wisdom and Direction about your relationships, your family, and your career.

Kevin’s Platinum Readings and Transpersonal Therapy offer compelling testament to his Gifts as a Clairvoyant Medium, Master Intuitive, and Gifted Mystic.

Kevin began seeing clients when he was a Criminology student at the University of Guelph.

When Kevin began consulting with the Atlanta Police Dept. and the FBI on the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children’s Case, his work became public knowledge. Police Departments across Canada and the U.S., began seeking his profile work. Kevin consulted with Homicide and Missing Persons Cases for the next decade.


We have held hundreds of Seminars, Workshops and Retreats.

All of our Seminars and Teachings have been held at the University of Guelph and at the St. Ignatius Conference Centre.

Topics have included:

  • Dreams: Language of the Soul

  • Intuition: From Insight to Application

  • Chakra Integration and Energy Medicine

  • Transforming Into Living Spirit: A Mystical Path to Your Soul’s Journey Home

  • Psi Skills: Cultivating Precognition, Linger Effect, Applied Telepathic Skills, Remote Viewing, and Non-Local Healing


Transpersonal Therapy – 3-Part Programmes Available:

  • Soul Mending:
    • Releasing Your Wounds from the Past/Rescripting Your Mind/Body
  • Ego/Soul Integration:
    • Using Your Higher Self-Wisdom to become more Soul-Infused - Psycho-Spiritual Integration.

  • Grief Therapy:
    • Sometimes Grief is Multi-Layered. One’s current grief can unlock a condensed experience of past grief.

  • Phoenix: A Transpersonal Approach to Addictions
    • The Meaning and Purpose Behind the Addiction


Kevin also specializes in seeing clients with Cancer and other Life-threatening illnesses, using a Psycho-Spiritual and Mind/Body approach to Healing and Wholeness. Kevin’s Post-Graduate Studies were in Behavioural Oncology, (Psycho-Social and Therapeutic Oncology).

Our work contains a unique Spiritual approach to healing.

We welcome new clients and all who seek Healing into Wholeness.


Our Administrative Assistant is Wendy Joan. She has been with us for 31 years, since 1991.

Wendy Joan is an experienced Family Therapist, Family Mediator, and Social Worker.

She has been Kevin's Teaching Assistant in all of our Teachings, and in training of our Light-Workers.

Wendy Joan has also helped us in our Oncology home visits, and is devoted to our Service and to our Spiritual Mission Statement.

Wendy Joan will be pleased to help you in scheduling a Platinum Reading or Transpersonal Therapy.


Please contact us at:, or call us at (519) 822-3896,
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"I would not be the person I am today if it were not for the compassionate and loving guidance of Kevin Smith and the work he does through the Damar Institute. Kevin's approach towards healing and light work has shown me how to live in this world with an open mind and a soft heart. Thank you, Kevin, for providing the emotional, psychological, and spiritual tools necessary so that people may live as their truest selves. My recommendations for the Damar Institute come with the highest regards."

- Brownyn McIlroy

"Kevin has never been wrong. Even if he tells you what you may not want to believe, Kevin tells you what you need to hear, but he tells you with love."

- Nellie Pop

"I highly recommend Damar Institute!!! Kevin has helped guide me through the most stressful moments of my life and has been my saving grace! I always feel lifted hopeful grounded. I have been a client over 10 years Kevin's has knowledge wisdom insight and always guides me to my highest good."

- ED

"Kevin, has been the single most important spiritual influence and guide of my life. I highly recommend seeing him for anything you feel you need clarity with. Simply the best."

- Cleve Jones

"Kevin has helped me through a number of life tsunamis. He helps you reach into yourself to find the answers that are covered by the everyday. His staff is very knowledgable and inspiring. Recommend Damar Institute to all my family and friends."

- Constance Hammer

"Kevin has helped me navigate through very difficult points in my life with percussion and accuracy. Every time I feel stuck he offers insights that reinvigorate and inspire me. I would highly recommend this institution to anyone looking for spiritual therapy! I will be going for the rest of my life."

- Zenna Davis-Jones

"Damar Institute has helped me navigate life's ups and downs as well as heal on a Soul deep level. Kevin and his team are warm, friendly and professional. I have recommended him to friends and family and will continue to do so in future."

- Victoria Stewart

"Hello, My name is Evangeline, I am honoured to be a student of the Damar Institute family... I have been a loyal Soul of Mr. Kevin after moving to Guelph, from Nova Scotia, Cape Breton in 1982. Kevin has helped me find my strengths, disregard what does not resonate with me and given me hope where there was no hope. I am stronger, loving, hopeful, faithful, and on my journey with the belief that there is nothing to question. I know everything in my path is for me... I am GRATEFUL. Thank you, Earth Angel, and thank you to The DamarInstitue Family."

- Evangeline Morrison

"Heart Centre and based in love. Thank you, my Soul friend, teacher, & mentor."

- Brenda Somerton

"Empowering, accurate, insightful and incredibly kind man. Always pleased. Always happier and feeling uplifted after I leave."

- Sarah J Beland

"Very grounding experience. Enlighten me to the wonders of self."

- Connie Hammer