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A Still, Small Voice


We live in a world that is undergoing rapid transformation. The old rules and guidelines are no longer valid. There is only one source of information and guidance that you can depend upon – the voice of Divinity with you.

The prophet Elijah was instructed to go to a mountain top to speak with God. When he arrived, he discovered that the Divine presence was not in the earthquake, nor in the wind, nor in the fire, but in a “still small voice.” It is the same for you now. You can access that inner voice once you get quiet and listen.

When the voice you follow is truly that of your intuition, you will experience more energy and vitality. Doors will open for you where you would not have expected them. A deep peace will accompany you in all that you do.\


1. I am a clear and open channel for the power of the Universe. I am constantly attuned to the still, small voice of Divinity within me.
- From Kevin’s Journal, Nov. 17/16