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Kevin G. M. Smith:

Education and Experience:

As a recognized Mystic, he cultivated his Intuitive Gifts throughout childhood, and into his adult life.

  • Criminal Psychology, Psychotherapy and Russian Language and Culture
    – University of Guelph, and Brock University.
  • 10 years directing Paranormal Research, including pre-cognition, linger effect, and Mystical Experience.
  • Collaborated in Psycho-kinesis Experiments with the Mind Science Foundation in San Antonio, Texas, with his in-house research team.
  • Mind/Body Practitioner and Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Cancer Therapist – Emotional-intervention Therapy and Behavioral Oncology

Conducted years of consulting on police work, in Canada, United States and Great Britain. He became well-known when his work on the Atlanta. Missing and Murdered Children Case became public knowledge. Kevin has also worked on the Bernardo-Homolka case, the Lois Hannah disappearance and many homicides and missing person cases in Canada.

Kevin has taught hundreds of seminars, workshops and retreats – many being held at the University of Guelph and the St. Ignatius Conference Centre.

We offer Platinum Readings which are state-of-the-art.

His work is the ‘Labour of Love.’


Kevin Smith is a Master-Intuitive, Master Therapist and a Gifted Mystic. He is also a certified Mind/Body Practitioner, (since 1985). Kevin has given remarkable, detailed Platinum Readings as well as skilled Transpersonal Insights to thousands of people, from every background and culture, and has provided healing and wholeness for over 30 years.

His Platinum Readings offer compelling testament to his skills as a Therapist and his extraordinary gifts as a Mystic. He offers life-changing direction and is always available for the Higher Power to use him as an instrument of Love, Guidance and Protection.

He currently has clients in every part of the world and is sought after for his pioneering work in Mystical and Paranormal Phenomena and in Mind/Body Intervention in the treatment of life-threatening illness.

Kevin’s teachings began August 28, 1979 with, “Psychic Abilities and the Chakra System,” held at the University of Guelph.

Kevin also began a period of research into Paranormal Activity and Biofeedback, using an EEG machine. He directed a research team of 5 gifted individuals, including participation in a group psycho-kinesis experiment with the Mind Science Foundation, in San Antonio, Texas, under the direction of Dr. Helmut Schmidt, in the winter of 1987.

In 1997, Damar Counselling and Research moved into the Ignatius Conference Centre, until 1999, where many seminars, workshops, and spiritual retreats were held.

At our office on Woodlawn Rd., in Guelph, we continued with our courses and our deepening involvement in Paranormal and Mystic Phenomena, and in spiritual studies.

He currently offers Platinum Readings, online courses, three-part programmes for intensive healing or re-scripting, and offers telephone and in-person appointments.

Kevin is now writing his autobiography.