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Damar Institute - Our Approach to Healing

Psycho-Spiritual Integration occurs when you connect your Soul to your ego. Psycho-Spiritual Integration merges the logical scientific findings of modern thinking with ancient wisdom, which emphasizes intuition, dream work, revelations, inspirations, spiritual practices, and other elements of the unconscious mind and inner life. It deals with the curative arts – those processes that activate and involve the whole Self in therapeutic work. Methods such as musically-guided imagery, mandala-drawing, working with sand trays, sacred ritual, breathwork, music, and play, are all aspects of Healing into Wholeness.

By honouring our innate wholeness, Psycho-Spiritual Integration becomes a ‘psychology of completion’ for ending an old cycle and making fresh beginnings.

Human beings have an innate urge toward personal growth, to evolve through deeper self-knowledge and to feel that they are valuable elements within the grand scheme of things. We all have a built-in inner drive that moves us toward our full awakening and natural expression.

Just as plants turn toward the sun, we naturally feel compelled to keep moving ‘toward the Light’ for our own Blossoming as a person, evolving toward our Fruition. We somehow sense our inter-connectedness with the Universe and all Its creatures.

- From Kevin’s Journal, November 27, 2017