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Decoding Destiny


The world reflects the presence of a Greater Regulating Intelligence, or Divine Mind, that both permeates and transcends material reality.

All things partake in the greater Continuum of Order and Design. There are no random events or coincidences in this world. Any occurrence of them can divulge greater patterns of meaning within the Life of the individual.

The symbolic language which is presented every day through your life experiences – this is the sacred text book of your life.

Our material will present for you, practical suggestions and examples to help you understand the messages, the meanings and their symbols coded within your day-to-day lives - the people, events, places, and objects you experience within your world, each and every day. This new worldview will help you revise your world. Your life is richer than you think.

The symbolist world view helps one to decode Destiny. And all who are Mystics, like myself, continue to fervently seek their God through direct experience seen as a whole. This network of ideas and laws may be designated as “symbolist” in reference to the many symbolic occurrences, such as Sacred Divination, Kabbalah, Tarot, or using the Unconscious Mind itself to translate random or chaotic patterns such as tea leaves, cloud interpretation, the throwing of bones in African sacred rituals, or in sacred divination using crystals, mirrors, or gazing into black water.

-From Kevin’s Workshop – Synchronicities, Signs and Symbols, University of Guelph, March 23, 2013.