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In Living Spirit

(An Excerpt From Kevin’s Book, “Summerland”)

Spiritual Studies

Our ego dies not once, but many times throughout Life. We die many times within our egoic self.

Have you ever awakened in the morning, looked into the mirror, and thought, “I’m not the person I thought I was” ? . . .

And then a tsunami wave of pain can hit us – this often happens to us if we discover we have been ‘betrayed.’

Emotional betrayal constitutes the deepest form of wounding within our human experience.

Reflect upon this.

You will transform into Living Spirit, as well. When you do, do you realize the “you” will survive your own physical death?

But you will be all Soul, all Frequencies of Light – Your Heart, Mind and Soul, in Timeless and Eternal Consciousness.

So you are a hybrid Being, part human, part Soul, but “You” as You, always will be.