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Intuition: Space and Healing


The body has the ability to reorganize itself - for the molecules to do something quite different - and then to reconstitute themselves in another way.

The body is mostly space, as are all atoms in the world.

Atoms are 99.9% space.

When getting sick, you must learn to completely relax your body.

The body’s inner space opens up, and expands, allowing for the release of all that wears one down, allowing for the body to get better almost immediately.

You must learn to completely relax your body.

Spaciousness of the Body:

When in difficult circumstances, or dealing with difficult people, open every pore, and allow your body to be nothing in space. Everything that is coming to you, or any shadow being projected upon you, will travel through you, for there is no place for it to land.

However, if you become contracted and start responding in a negative way to difficult circumstances, or to difficult people, you will experience the negativity that is coming to you.

Staying open to space allows intuition to flow.

-From Kevin’s Workshop on Intuition: The Next Level