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Lakota Wheel of Generativity & Abundance


The purpose of this focus – to help you align inner goals, desires and visions with the outer life. This helps you to find your purpose in life. This alignment helps you to find your place in the world. This helps you to find your Soul Group.

There is a similarity between Jewish Mysticism and the Lakota and other aboriginal beliefs – there is no guilt base.

We need to be conscious of what we desire, what we need, and what we seek, and claim them as our birthright in joy, and not in guilt or shame.

Healing Circles in Life surround us with safety – eg. – mandalas, chakras, wheels.

With material from other cultures, we tap into the World Soul, the World Wisdom. There a many Faces of God, serving God.

When finished, we do not go out in the world right away. We need to give ourselves time to reclaim ourselves.

Kevin Smith and Damar Institute help to align people to be in touch with how they feel and with what they are doing.

This also helps to empower, one, and to be empowered, through our work.

These alignments come from deep Within.

There are 3 areas:

  • How do I feel about this in my Heart?
  • Does my Soul sing regarding this?
  • Is there a potential for abundance and prosperity here?
  • -From Kevin’s Journal, March 13, 2017