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Learning to Surrender

Learn to surrender to the Energy of the Moment, that Great Energy that Flows from the Soul.

Sometimes, it is important to sit down and visualize and appreciate the times when your Soul was ignored or betrayed, and you have to think back in Time to identify when you have betrayed your own Soul. If we betray our body, we betray our Soul. Our Body is a metaphor, and our Body is always listening.

The body will present its bill to you in the future because the Body is really a metaphor for a communion of ‘subjects.’ The Body has intense Wisdom. If you listen, you will allow Spirit in, and as soon as the thought goes through the Mind, even an inner thought, your Body is listening and your Body picks it up.

In our culture, we have to Wake Up. We have to Wake Up to Soul, we have to Wake Up to Spirit, we have to Wake UP to Energy and to Energy Fields. What will Wake us UP? Ego Death! - when part of our personality dies, when we Wake Up one morning and we realize we are not who we think we are, we are someone different. A good heart attack will Wake us Up, or an accident, or crashing through a relationship. Every symptom is connected to the Soul process, the Body picks up everything, non-verbal and experiential, the Body picks it up, every mean and unkind thought we have told our Inner Mind about ourselves, the Body picks it up, the body hears and knows it, the Body is Listening.

Think of the Body as it is blocked in Fear.

Think of what fear consciousness, or negativity, does to the Body and Mind. We have to Open Up these blocks of fear so Light can come in.

We have to learn to Live The Light of our own Truth, and in the Light of our own Power.The Body will do its part to bring its Soul into place, and in that way, Body and Spirit become One, because the Body influences the Mind and the Mind creates the Body. You must do some Inner Work every day, allowing yourself to become Timeless.

The Soul Needs:

  • Inner Work
  • Meditation
  • Nature

-From Kevin’s upcoming online teaching, Inner Vision Quest