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Listening to The Inner Intuitive Voice

Energy MedicineWe can all learn to be still, and for just one moment, let all our past experiences be set aside and listen to the Inner Intuitive Voice for Guidance. The Creative Love Force of the Universe, our Source, lies Within each of our Hearts. It is the reservoir of our Higher Power. When we surrender and let our wills join and become one and the same with the Inner Intuitive Voice of Love, we experience an absence of conflict and the presence of Love.

It is as if we were a Lamp that has come into this world all lit up, and then we unplug ourselves from our electrical source, resulting in our Light going out. The darkness that many experience in Life is because we have forgotten we have unplugged ourselves from the Love that created us, our Source.

To see and experience our own Light and allow others to see our Light, our Inner Strength and Hope, we need but plug ourselves into our Source. We need to learn to Be Still and to get away from the noise, the static and extraneous thoughts of our external world. All we have to do is go inside and have a willingness to listen to the Voice of our Inner Guide, our Inner Intuitive Teacher, who is always in the Centre of our Hearts, waiting to help and assist us.

Learning not to let our head and our intellect become our god, and to Live a Life where all decisions are based on an Inner Voice that comes from a Caring, Limitless Love, where the Creative Love Force and our will become One is the Way Home to feeling a Balance of joining in our Spiritual and physical selves. In the Way of Knowing, there is not one problem in the world which cannot be solved through Love when we listen to our Hearts rather than to our heads.

-From Kevin’s workshop, “Inner Vision Quest”
-From Kevin’s Journal, Dec. 30/16