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Platinum Readings

A ‘state-of-the-art’ intensive, focused session about You, Your relationships, and Your family, Your Body/Mind health and an in-depth private discussion that has a unique, “timeless and eternal” energy effect.

Many others do “readings” in a stereotypical, two-dimensional, ordinary way.

OUR Platinum Readings have that deeper, third-dimension of Soul.

Our PLATINUM READING allows You to:


Fate and Destiny in your Future – in your Life, what you can change, what you must accept. How one choice can change the whole direction of your Life.


Your Soul Blueprint – in Relationships, Soul-Mate Profile and synchronicities, signs and symbols.


The Mystical, Intuitive Energy – Visions and Photo Images of your future Life.


the Spirit of your deceased Beloveds – They will answer your questions.


Angels and Spirit Guides – You will experience the transmission of Energy and Divine Presence. This energy effect is like the “Gift that keeps on giving.”

We offer ½ -hour and 1-hour appointments.