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Soul Blueprint

Crossing The Threshold

TherapyMeditation: Rehearsing Our Encounter With Our Quantum Template, Our Soul Blueprint:

To begin, just relax. Deeply, deeply relax. Know that the wisdom of creation is directly accessible to you in your everyday life experience. You may feel it as a Hum of Knowing, as a Resonance at the Core of your Being, that which is called the Soul Blueprint, the Quantum Template.

When we relax into the centre of so-called ordinary existence, we can penetrate into the depths, and access the Wisdom and the profound Intelligence out of which the Universe arises as a continuous Flow in our Body/Mind.

We don’t just float in the Universe. The Universe is INSIDE US, and our responsibility is to reconnect with this Inner Nature, this emergent evolutionary nature, this Quantum Template, this Soul Blueprint that has been waiting for you to recognize it and be filled by it.

It is HERE, NOW, that this Soul Blueprint, this Quantum Template of who and what you are, is looking for you, waiting for you to feel It. Feel It Now.

“Come closer,” you say to it. “Come closer, please.” “Come closer.” It does. It will enter your Consciousness.

-From Kevin’s Journal, January 19. 2017