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Soul-making requires that you die from one story to be reborn into a larger one. A larger story is revealed through our wounding, however reluctant our local self may be to allow this to occur, and unsuspected new forms are ready to flower within us. The wounding becomes Sacred when we are willing to release our old stories and to become the vehicles through which the new story may emerge into time.

Inner work can illuminate the “Dark Night of the Soul.” Through practices and techniques designed to awaken us to the Sacred, we learn how to Centre and Ground ourselves, connecting with the Higher Self and allowing us, through the Soul’s Inner Flame, to Consume and Transform fear, negativity, self-blame, and to heal emotional wounds from the past. Inner work can awaken each Soul on the path to Courage, Hope and Love that resides within us.

As we learn to be an Enlightened member of a personal family, we are elevated to a Level of Serving the larger family of Humanity, in whatever area we have prepared ourselves.

May you be unafraid to Give and Receive Love. May you know how Lovable you truly are right now. May you know that you deserve the deepest Love in all of your relationships. May you treat yourself with tender, Loving care.

- From Kevin’s Lecture – “Inner Vision Quest” – University of Guelph – 2015