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The Beloveds


We are entering a new death paradigm. Two areas of human experience that are of incredibly great importance to all humanity are experiences of the parapsychological and the Mystical. These terms can be confused and do indeed, in some respects, overlap parapsychology , including the umbrella of skills and gifts that are listed under the category of psi phenomena. This definition includes the following skills: telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, psychokinesis and physical healing, all of which are grouped together under the rubric of paranormal phenomena.

When we focus on Mystical experiences, we are including the following: peak experience, Mystical experience, wonder, transcendence of the self, Spiritual Visitation, very specific deeply personal encounters with Spirit, with Spiritual Beings or Beloveds who reside in the Heart of God.

The truth is that telepathy is constantly occurring between human beings and the one thing we know now that science has shown us, is that the two variables that increase and magnify telepathic response are: the degree of Love between the sender and the receiver, and if there’s any degree of crisis with either the sender or the receiver or both. Mystical experiences can bring an individual to a place where they feel at One with God and the Universe, and the Cosmos; so time and space become irrelevant.

-From Kevin’s Journal, March 7, 2017