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The Cosmic Christ Speaks on Creativity

The Cosmic Christ challenges us to embrace our powers of creativity: “Do not hide your Light, your Divine Creative Powers, under a bushel and thus allow human creativity to be manipulated and misused by forces of war-making, destruction, pessimism, and bureaucracy. Find the creative person, the ‘I Am,” the Divine Child at play and at generativity in yourself. Give birth to yourself – your lifestyles, your relationships, your learning, your sexuality, your joys, your healing, your work – and build up in one another this same courage to create. Enter the great power of the Universe, a power of constant generativity and do not be afraid. For I Am with you always when you are creating. I, too, am a Creator, sometimes called the Creator. But in fact, I ask you to be my companions, to share the birthing of images with Me, to be My co-creators. Do not bore Me by refusing. Do not scandalize Me by saying, ‘I can’t.’ Do not oppress Mother Earth and her future by refusing to create and re-create. Come, play with Me. Let us create together.”

- Matthew Fox
- From Kevin’s Journal, March 16, 2017