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THE DNA of the SOUL:

Your Soul Blueprint

Alternative Medicine Practitioner

During the last three decades, I have been thoroughly examining and studying the “Soul Blueprint.”

The notion of the Soul Blueprint: To be alive is to live in your Soul Blueprint. Your Soul Blueprint, (Soul Print), is the rough equivalent, in the physical work, to a finger print.

A finger print – a delineating, demarcating characteristic; a Soul Print tells us the unique contours of the Soul.

It is ultimately unique, infinitely Special, and unlike a snowflake – it never melts. So, your Soul Print is your fears, your hopes, your dreams, your life lived and unlived, the people you have loved, the people you didn’t love, pathologies, dreams, memories, the stuff in your box. It is the stuff that if I could share it with another, I would move beyond loneliness. Loneliness is the inability to share my Soul Print with another.

Note: The Soul Blueprint is located within your Unconscious Mind, which also contains your Soul and your Higher Self Wisdom.

-From Kevin’s Journal, January 16, 2017