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The Only Real Power Is Love

From our view of the world, everything is Consciousness. And Consciousness is the Light that reflects through the matter of the outer world and creates the entire outer world, breath by breath. The inner world of Consciousness: the dreams, visions, feelings, emotions, sexual energy, kundalini, and even our interpretations of the outer reality, are all the Source of matter, and how this matter is arranged, E=MC2. And Love is the binding agent within this equation. Love is the exact vibration that to which matter responds. We have a great power to create. We have forgotten, but now it the time to remember.

It is Love that can change water into wine. It is Love that can bring a person back from the dead. It is Love that can heal yourself and others. It is Love and Love alone that will heal this world now.

So to speak of healing without speaking of Love is not speaking with Truth. In medicine, only certain things are possible. But with Love, all things are possible. With Love, the incurable disease is nothing but Light, and the atoms of the body can be re-formed into perfect health. The absence of Love is the source of all disease, for it is Love that binds matter into order out of chaos, and without Love, chaos will always ensue.

-From Kevin’s Journal, March 27, 2017