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They All Speak in a Loud Voice in Unison

“They all speak in a loud voice in unison, “We live! We are not past tense. It’s not ‘we were,’ it’s ‘we are’ and ‘we will be.’ ”

If one lives a life of true compassion, and each day, remembers to live with humility, this creates an openness in our ability to listen more empathically and compassionately to other people.

On a global level, empathic listening is the whole basis of non-violent behavior, learning to listen empathically. Realize that You have within Your Heart, a Source of Light that is always within You – the Angels and Beloveds who protect You, all of those who love You from beyond this world are with You, and they are available to help You in this time of darkness. All You have to do is be who You are, but open to them, because they are always there, and they have always been there. It is You who, if you have been caught in fear and doubt, if You have been caught in negativity or denial, then You wouldn’t be open to these Higher Energies, because one has to begin to Open the Heart to allow the Higher Energies to filter down into You. These are the Energies of Pure, Unconditional Love.”

-From Kevin’s Workshop, “The Beloveds” – Univ. of Guelph, August 2014